The Tembo by Jackson team

100% Masai, the “Tembo by Jackson” team is a real family, whose good humour, efficiency and kindness are reflected in the hosts they welcome to their magnificent bush camp. She is waiting for you to help you discover the wonders of the Masai Mara.


23 years old

Shadrack lives in Transmara and works as a waiter in our restaurant. He joined Tembo Bush camp from the beginning, is very happy to work in a great team and meet travellers from all over the world, always with a smile!

John Kishoyian

28 years old

John is the chef at the Tembo Bush Camp restaurant. He is married and has two children. He joined the Tembo by Jackson team from the beginning, and has more than 10 years of experience in hospitality. John speaks German, he is in charge of welcoming and taking care of customers, always with a big smile!

Julius Naurori

40 years old

Julius is a Masai with extensive experience in bush camps and lodges in Kenya. Today, he is responsible for the maintenance of the rooms and Julius is also the main voice of the traditional Masai songs!

Geff Naurorey

24 years old

If you love cats, all cats, tell him, nothing could please him more than to help you surprise the leopard, the cheetah, and why not… the serval!
His latest achievement today: to find and follow a couple of these very discreet animals and allow photographers to take striking portraits of the animal!


Today we introduce you to Kitonga, the chef who enchants us morning, noon and evening with his varied, refined and always delicious meals!
There’s only one thing Kitonga can’t do: don’t smile!

Moses Crucialman Gilish

Moses is one of Tembo by Jackson’s talented guides, always in a good mood, available, and with great care for the guests he guides with great professionalism in this Masai Mara savannah of which he knows all the trails.


Musa and the youngest of our guardians (askari in Swahili). You can’t joke about safety! The camp is located in the heart of the reserve and is open to visitors but also to wild animals who may be tempted to get lost! Our guards will ensure your safety, patrolling the camp and accompanying you from nightfall.


Sorua is on the Tembo by Jackson guard team, he and his colleagues will ensure your safety from sunset to sunrise.


20 years old

Benson is, with Musa, the youngest member of the Tembo by Jackson team. Masai, he is a bit like Jackson Naurori’s spiritual son. It acts as a room stewart and will ensure that your tent is always as welcoming and impeccable as ever!


Soombe is in charge of logistics at Tembo by Jackson. He does not hesitate during his travels to do some scouting for the team guides!


Peter works in the kitchen team! He assists the chef in the preparation of the delicious meals that the guests enjoy, both in the field and at camp.


Wilson is one of Tembo by Jackson’s night watchmen (askari). It ensures the safety of customers from sunset to sunrise.

Jackson Naurori

Do we really need to introduce the boss, Jackson Naurori. He is the founder and owner of Tembo by Jackson, and he leads his team 100% Masai with efficiency and a lot of attention!
Tembo by Jackson, this is his second family!

Meet the Tembo by Jackson team